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I see you, my fellow teachers. And I understand.

You’re trying to stay caught up on grading, and meetings, and oh yeah, life.

You struggle to find the time to lesson plan.

You need ready to go engaging lessons but keep wasting time scouring the internet.

You’re trying to be creative but need some fresh ideas from a 20+ year veteran.

Let me worry about the lesson planning!

Remember the time when you had nights and weekends free? Been there. And if you miss it, let’s get that back for you!
The good news is that I really like designing engaging and interactive lessons. I’ve been doing it for over 20 years! That way, you can focus on what brings you joy.
"I have never written a review before, but these materials were of such high quality and relevance, I absolutely had to. They are all self-contained lessons and can be easily formatted to fit any type of instruction. My students have enjoyed it because it allows us all to engage with the material as a class, and I can supplement by helping to pace them and offer direct instruction through notes/lecture."
-Richard S.

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Words of Praise from Happy Teachers

“This was a beneficial addition to our World History unit on Totalitarianism. All of my students were engaged and fascinated with the material.”
-Leslie T.
"This was SUCH a great simulation!!! My students were so engaged and they learned a lot. I would highly recommend this lesson!!"
-Linda K.
"LOVED this resource!!! Very helpful in clearly teaching students and even used some information for teacher development."
-Sarai M.

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